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Kaptivating Thoughts was created with the hope of motivating women to lead their most fulfilling and inspiring lives possible. We all know that balancing a 9-5 job, relationships, hobbies, wellness and everything else in life is difficult, but you're more than capable of conquering it all and conquering it GOOD, girlfriend. 

It’s my mission to help ambitious women define and achieve the goals that captivate them by pairing actionable tips and insights with inspiring wellness advice. 

  • Do you have BIG goals but don't quite know how to accomplish them?
  • Do you want to make wellness a priority, but don't really know where to start?
  • Do you need a little help when it comes to productivity, organization or time management?

...then you should stick around here for a while. I'm glad we found each other, and I know we'll make a good team. 

about the author

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Hi, friends! I'm Kelly — a witty, candle-loving, working woman who can rap just about every Eminem song and has a slightly obnoxious laugh.

If you asked me what I'm good at in life, my answer would be "doing things". No, for real. I was actually given a "doer" award (along with some hilarious superlatives) through my sorority while I was in college. And I'm DEFINITELY not saying that I'm the best at all of the things I do, but I thoroughly enjoy balancing a plate full of tasks (or food LOL), gettin' shit done and helping others get their tasks done, too, when they need a hand. Is my Type A personality showing?

For me, this blog is a creative outlet to do the one thing I’ve always been most passionate about: writing. Writing has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember, and blogging gives me the chance to write about what I love — balancing all the things a successful life entails and staying well and happy while doing it. 

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