5 Ways to Re-Inspire Your Beauty Routine This Spring

Spring is finally here and this season all about inspiration so why not apply that to your beauty routine, too!? It’s so easy to fall into a beauty rut but it’s just as easy to pull yourself out of one. These beauty tips will help you look and feel like a new person all season long. And don’t forget to start out this season by cleaning your brushes – for my tips and must-have brush cleaning product, go here

beauty inspiration.png

Take stock of what you have

I know that personally, I have a makeup bag of products that I use every single day, and then another bag of products that I don’t use as often. If this is the case for you, go through those not so everyday products – toss what you know you won’t use, make note of things you need to buy more of, and take out the ones that inspire you to try them out again! I guarantee that even just seeing the awesome products you already own but maybe forgot about will help you amp up your beauty routine.

Add metallic hues to your eyes

Metallics are my fave, so I absolutely love adding a pop of gold liner to my eyes. For a very pigmented look, try Urban Decay’s Glide On Eye Pencil in the shade Goldmine. The best part is that you can create so many different looks using this pencil – either pair it with neutral shades and use the pencil to line your eyes, apply the golden hue all over your lids, or experiment with any other ideas that inspire you!

Try a lip color you’d never dare wear before

I never considered myself a bright lip kinda girl, but I absolute adore the Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in the shade Inspiration. The fuchsia pink shade is one I never thought I’d rock, but I feel so confident whenever I wear this shade! Step out of your comfort zone and try a lip color that surprises you this season.

Invest in a matte lipstick transformer

At just $24, this Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer is a gold mine. Seriously. Take any lip color under the sun, apply it to your pout, and instantly create a matte look by just patting this gel over it!

Rock a bold eye color

I tend to stick to neutral eye shadows while at work, but lately, I’ve been adding pops of color. I’ve found that purple makes my green eyes stand out, so I absolutely love Sephora’s eyeshadow in Red Wine. Find a color that’ll help you break free of your everyday shadow routine!

How are you planning on re-inspiring your beauty routine this season? Share in the comments below!