Brand Breakdown: Kopari

Happy Friday, loves! I'm so excited for today's post because it's the first one in a new, monthly series that I'm introducing on my blog: Brand Breakdown! In this series, I'll be reviewing a few products from a specific brand and rating everything from the quality to the price to give you a true look at whether or not these products are worth the buy. 

To give you a little bit of background about this series: I wanted to start doing this post each month because we come across SO many beauty and fashion brands that it can sometimes be hard to keep up. Some lesser-known brands may have extremely high-quality products that I'd want to introduce you to, and on the flip side, some brands you see plastered all over Instagram may not be worth the hype.

Today, I'm starting out with a brand that I just recently started using a few weeks ago and am already in love with. I wanted to kick this series off with a brand that I'm confident you'll love as much as I do, has a wide range of products that'll appeal to anyone, and has great price points and Kopari covers all of the above, my friend. 

Kopari beauty products.png

About the brand:

Kopari offers high-quality beauty products that are all based around one thing: coconuts! Most of their products include coconut oil or coconut shells, and their site pinky promises that all products are as natural as possible with the safest ingredients. You've probably been seeing coconut-based products everywhere lately, so there's a chance you're wondering why you should choose this brand over others. Well, take a seat and keep reading because you're about to be convinced. 

Coconut Rose Toner

This coconut, rose and witch hazel toner really impressed me! I really love the scent, the ingredients and the way it makes my skin feel. I've been using this spray every morning in between cleaning my skin and applying moisturizer and have noticed that it tones and tightens without drying my skin out at all — thanks to the coconut oil, it actually helps hydrate it!

I will admit that you'll probably be able to find cheaper alternatives when it comes to toner; however, if you're looking for a hydrating, coconut-based toner then this is 100% your best option. It'll help restore your skins natural balance, keep redness at bay, reduce the appearance of pores and soothe your skin. I also love carrying this spray in my purse so I have a quick fix whenever my skin feels like it needs a midday pick-me-up. 

Price: $24.00

Organic Coconut Melt

I know, I know, you’re sitting there thinking to yourself, “Really, Kelly? I could get coconut oil for ten dollars from Walmart” but hear me out girlfriend! THIS one is unlike any coconut oil I’ve ever used (and I’ve used lots). The Kopari site says it’s the ‘holy grail of coconut oil’ and they are not lying. I applied it to my arms after showering and was blown away by how quickly it melted into my skin and how incredible my skin looked the next morning. I have super super super dry patches on my elbows (eczema’s the worst, ya feel me?), but they were hydrated and smooth by the next morning and I couldn’t believe it.

In addition to this just being a jaw-dropping product, it can also be used for literally everything. I love using coconut oil to condition my hair, moisturize my skin, save my cuticles, hydrate my lips, remove makeup and so much more. Don’t let this price point scare you away from the amazing product — and if you are feeling hesitant, they also have a 2.5-ounce sample size for just $18!

Price: $38.00

Coconut Crush Scrub

Guys. Take it from the girl who has at least 10 body scrubs in her shower at all times… this is the one you NEED ASAP. The brown sugar scrub is infused with tiny lil bits of Tahitian coconut shell (which I’ll admit frightened me at first) and smells just like coconuts!

Typically, after using a body scrub, my skin feels smooth and clean but definitely not hydrated — honestly, most even make it feel a little dehydrated and tight. That’s why I was immediately impressed by this product. The minute I rinsed it off, my skin felt all of those great things that I’ve gotten from other products, but also insanely hydrated and soft.

This stuff will seriously revamp your dull, dry skin and breathe new life back into it. If you had to choose just one of these three products to purchase, my vote for you would be this one! The insanely good quality, great smell, wonderful hydration and amazing price point make this THE perfect product. Trust me when I say that you’re gonna want this one!

Price: $28.00

Am I Kaptivated by Kopari?

YES YES YES! All of the hype around this brand is extremely well-deserved and everything you’ve heard is true. This brand has incredibly high-quality products at affordable price points and I promise that you’re going to fall in love with any of the three products mentioned above.

If you’re looking to up your coconut-based beauty game, head over to Kopari’s website right now and try this amazing brand out for yourself. I can’t wait to test more products from this brand and see what else they have to offer!

Have you tried any of Kopari's products? What did you think of them?! Let me know what you like/didn't like about this brand and what brands you'd like to see next in this series!