8 Steps to A Relaxing Spa Night

There is seriously nothin' I love more than a nice, relaxing spa night. For real. I'd have a spa night every night if I could. BUT since I can't do that, I've developed a pretty good routine for those nights I can indulge in a spa night to make it as relaxing and perfect as possible. These eight steps below and recommended products will help you make your next spa night the best one yet! Trust me, you're gonna wish you could have a spa night every day, too! 

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8 Steps to A Relaxing Spa Night:

1. Set the tone

Light a scented candle, put on some relaxing music and turn your phone off. These simple tricks will help put you in a relaxed mood and feel ready to fully enjoy your night of pampering! And if you're having a hard time turning your phone off, then it sounds like you might need a lil detox, girlfriend! 

2. Bubble Bath/Shower with an awesome body scrub

I'm a huge fan of body scrubs — what's better than having smooth, soft skin to start out your spa night?! My favorite body scrub right now is Herbivore's Coco Rose Body Polish which smells great and will leave your skin thanking you. 

3. Moisturize with coconut oil

Apply this awesome stuff all over then cover up in some sweats and fuzzy socks. I like to apply a lottt of coconut oil or lotion to my feet, knees and elbows which are often the most dehydrated and dry parts of my body. 

4. Apply a hair mask

I lovelovelove trying out all different hair masks, but one that I've always loved is Drybar's mudslide. I leave this nourishing mask on for about 30 minutes (even though the directions only say 10, oops!) and then rinse it out and let my hair air dry for shiny, silky smooth locks!

5. Steam that face and try a face mask

Does any else love a good at-home steam facial?! All you gotta do is bring water to an almosttt-boil (not too hot) and add in some essential oils if you'd like. Bring the pot of water into your bathroom or somewhere you can relax, and hold your face a few inches above it with a towel draped over your head so the steam doesn't escape. I just do this for about five minutes to open up my pores before applying a good face mask! My current favorite face mask is GlamGlow's Tinglexfoliate treatment! 

6. Give your pout some love

As someone who pretty much ALWAYS has chapped lips, a great lip scrub is a must! I am a fan of Fresh's lip polish but I'm currently on the hunt for something new since I'm almost out of this one. This lip polish smells great and will leave your lips incredibly soft! Make sure you lock in the moisture afterwards by applying chapstick. 

7. Paint your nails

Wanna know a secret? I hate painting my nails. It's so sad because I don't like having bare nails and don't like having to pay for a mani all the time so I've been working on my nail painting skills lately. It's a serious work in progress but I am getting better and this Sally Hansen miracle gel is a huge help! I love the thicker brush and how long this gel polish lasts so I don't have to paint my nails as often. 

8. Your favorite romcom

Now that you're all pampered and relaxed, it's time to cuddle up with some Netflix while your nails dry! My go-to RomCom is always How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, but I've also recently indulged in 13 Going on 30 and The Break-Up

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Do you love indulging in a good spa night? What are your favorite spa night products?! Let me know in the comments below so I can try them out for myself!