The Important Beauty Step You Might Be Skipping

Washing our makeup brushes is an important step in our beauty routines but some of us overlook it; I know I did up until a few months ago! Now, I make sure that I don’t go more than a week without giving my beauty brushes some TLC.

After reading a post by Jessica of Petite Style Script about the importance of cleaning our makeup brushes, I decided to give my brush cleaning routine some thought. Most of us use these brushes every single day, so chances are there’s a lot of build-up of product and dead skin cells all over them!

I used to clean my brushes once every two months (if I remembered!) but lately I’ve been cleaning them more often and have noticed some awesome benefits: my skin is clear and smooth and my makeup goes on a lot easier! I love Jessica’s tip to clean brushes in the morning after applying your makeup for the day so they have 24 hours to air dry.

clean makeup brushes.png

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking that you desperately need to wash your beauty tools now but might be wondering what the best way to do so is. I’ve tried a couple of different beauty cleaning supplies and my absolute favorite so far is actually one you can find at your local drugstore! This brush cleaning balm and scrubbing pad is just $12.00 and is so easy to use!

Gather up all of your brushes and lay a paper towel by your sink. Start out by rinsing your brush with warm water and then gently rubbing it into the cleaning balm. Then, swirl the brush around on the scrubbing pad to really lather it. Rinse and repeat until the water runs clear and all of the product is out of the brush! When you’re finished, lay your brush on the paper towel to dry; I like to let mine sit off the edge of the sink so they don’t reshape in a funny way.

Do you wash your makeup brushes often? What are your favorite brush-cleaning tips? Share in the comments below so I can try it out!