The One Product Every Girl With Fine Hair Needs

Lately, I’ve been falling more and more in love with Biolage hair products. The all-natural brand never fails to make my hair look and feel flawless, and their new Aqua-Gel Conditioner just made them even more near and dear to my heart! If you have fine hair like me, or are even just looking for a little extra boost in volume, then read on, sister.

biolage matrix.png

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably tried every product out there that promises it’ll give your hair extra volume, texture, bounce and so on. Unfortunately, most of those products seem to be a let down, and either leave our hair feeling and looking the same as usual or even worse – greasy and weighed down.

One product in particular that I’m always nervous about is conditioner. Fine-haired girls feel my pain when I say that a bad conditioner can literally ruin your whole day (okay, or just your hairdo for the day…). That’s why I was immediately intrigued when I came across Biolage’s new Aqua-Gel Conditioner that was made specifically with fine hair in mind.

It’s probably never even crossed your mind that standard cream conditioners could actually be seriously weighing your hair down! That’s where this amazing Aqua-Gel comes in. The conditioners are paraben-free, silicone-free, oil-free and contain no mineral oil, ensuring that your hair will have a fresh feel with just the right amount of conditioning.

Biolage offers four types that are specifically designed for different hair types: Hydrasource for dry hair, Colorlast for color-treated hair, Smoothproof for frizzy hair and Volumebloom (my personal fave!) for fine hair. So far, I’ve tried Colorlast and Volumebloom and I really could not be more impressed!

When first trying out these conditioners and their shampoo counterparts, I immediately noticed how amazing they smell. I know that’s totally not the point of why they were made but seriously, Biolage, can you make a perfume out of this scent?! 🙂

After shampooing, I applied a little bit of the conditioner to my ends and could tell right away how lightweight and nourishing the formula is. It easily rinsed out and my hair already felt a lot cleaner and lighter than normal. I was even happier when I let my hair airdry that night and woke up to gorgeous beachy-looking waves – something my straight hair rarely does on its own. I’ve been using these conditioners for a few weeks and I can’t imagine giving them up now!

After reading up more on these products and using them for a while, I realized that they’re light enough to be used all the way up to your roots – something I would never dream of doing with cream conditioners (I’m cringing just thinking about it!). I know that these nourishing conditioners, which even contain a bit of menthol to create a fresh feel, will make you fall in love with conditioner again, too!

What products for fine hair can you just not live without? Have you tried Biolage products before? Let me know in the comments below!