10 Things to Thank Your Mom For


Mother's Day is almost here which means it's time to show our mama's just how much we appreciate them! I'm sharing 10 things to thank your mom for and I'm pretty sure that if you share this to her Facebook wall, she'll love that even more than the awesome gifts you got her! 😉 Moms are all about the sentimental, meaningful moments in life, so tell her why you appreciate and love her so much in a card and she'll cherish it forever — and if you need a little inspiration, read on to find out the ten things we ALL need to thank our mama's for this Mother's Day!



1. Being the keeper of all of my secrets. 

There's no one better to tell a secret to than your mom. I know that you'll never judge, tell anyone else, or break a promise and I'm so grateful for that! 

2. Supporting me in every way a person can be supported. 

Whether it's financially or emotionally or anything in between, parents are always our support system. You've shown me all the care in the world and I know that you'll always be there to support me. 

3. Encouraging me to pursue my wildest dreams. 

You've always had faith and confidence that I can do anything I put my mind to, and you help me achieve my goals in any way possible. You're great at being my cheerleader and always reassure me that I'm capable of anything.  

4. Passing on your best traits to me. 

The greatest compliment I can receive is 'you look just like your mom!' or 'you have your mom's sense of humor'. I like to think that I got your award-winning smile and your 'I don't care if no one else laughs, I crack myself up' sense of humor — and I couldn't be happier about those things!

5. Being my go-to shopping buddy. 

There is literally no one in the world I'd rather go shopping with than you. Sometimes I think you know my style better than I do and you're dangerously good at finding the cutest clothes at Lord & Taylor. If shopping were a sport, we'd make a winning dynamic duo every time. 

6. Always making me laugh. 

Sometimes your jokes don't make me laugh, but hearing you crack up at yourself anyway always does. Even though we all have different senses of humor, our quick-witted family is constantly laughing and I'm so grateful for that. My best (and funniest) memories are laughing with our extended family!

7. Knowing how to cheer me up. 

You've been wiping away my tears since the day I was born so you're pretty well-versed in cheering me up. You can always tell when something is wrong and you always know what will solve it, whether it's ice cream, a shopping trip or talking it out together. 

8. Letting me make mistakes and learn on my own. 

I might be biased, but it's always seemed like you and dad had parenting down to a science. You instilled good qualities in your children, but gave us our freedom and let us figure things out for ourselves. And if we ever fell, you were always there to catch us. 

9. Doing all of the things. 

You're the house cleaner, the food cooker, the grocery shopper and so much more. I don't know how, but you manage to do it all and make it seem like nothin'. 

10. Raising me in a family full of love. 

You've shown me so much love throughout my whole life, but you've also shown me what a strong, loving marriage looks like, which is also important! I act all grossed out every time I see you and dad hugging and cuddling but I'm secretly so happy to be part of such a loving family. 

What are you thankful for this Mother's Day? Share this post with your mom and let her know why you cherish her so much!