10 Tips for A Successful Black Friday

Black Friday is going to be here before we know it… are you ready?! This 24-hour shopping frenzy can sometimes be completely overwhelming, so it’s important to put some thought into it beforehand. This way, you’ll have your most successful Black Friday yet and you can thank me later 😉 As a self-proclaimed Black Friday Professional (my mom and I have had plenty of Black Friday trips that were TOO successful), I can’t wait to share my 10 best tips for making the most of the shopping addict’s holiday this year. 

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My 10 Best Tips for A Successful Black Friday:

Start saving in advance

I like to set aside a specific amount of money that’s allotted for Black Friday spending — and not let myself go over this limit. It’s too easy to go overboard on the spending, so having a limit in mind before you go, and saving some extra cash for this occasion will help you stay on track.

Know what deals are available — and only take advantage of the GREAT ones

I’m the first to admit that Black Friday deals are not what they used to be, so only take advantage of the stores that have incredible deals. This will help you stay on track with your spending limit and not get caught up spending too much money in just one or two stores.

Go in with a plan

If you’re going to the mall or hitting up multiple stores in town, map out your route beforehand. At the mall, know what entrance you’re going to park near, what time you plan on arriving and what stores you HAVE to hit before you leave. You’ll be less tempted to go into stores that aren’t your favorite if you know that a really awesome one is coming up just around the corner!

Get some sleep beforehand!

If you’re a dedicated Black Friday shopper like my mom and I and you hit the mall right when it opens in the middle of the night, try your best to get a few hours of sleep in before you go. You’ll feel a bit more energized and ready to tackle the entire mall if you get some z’s in beforehand!

Wear layers

There is nothing worse than standing in a half-hour-long line at Victoria’s Secret and feeling like you might die of a heat stroke. My go-to Black Friday outfit is yoga pants or workout leggings, a short sleeve t-shirt, sneakers and a sweatshirt. Make sure you have short sleeves or a tank top on underneath your warm winter clothes because you will be hot in popular stores!

Bring a small purse

And only fill it with the necessities. All you need is your wallet and cell phone, and you won’t want to be lugging around a huge purse when you have tons of shopping bags to carry! You can even stash your small purse into one of your shopping bags to make it easier to carry everything.

Come prepared with a hair tie

I’m not kidding when I say you’re gonna sweat! 😂 I prefer having my hair off of my face so it doesn’t get pulled on my purse/shopping bags and so I’m not struggling to keep it out of my eyes when trying to shop. Chances are your hands will be full by the end of your trip, so you won’t have any hands left to push your hair out of your face!  

Bring water and snacks

All that heat is definitely going to make you thirsty! I always come prepared with a water bottle and protein bars just in case I start to get overheated since it can really make you feel crappy. You can even eat your snack while you’re waiting in line at a crowded store so you don’t waste any time!

Don’t spend just to spend

I know it seems like you have to spend every penny on Black Friday but you don’t! If the deal isn’t great and you don’t feel like you’re in love with the item, don’t buy it just to buy it. You might have buyer’s remorse later on and that’s never fun!

In a group? Split up!

If you’re lucky enough to have someone like my mom (seriously, she’s the best Black Friday shopping partner) with you on your trip, don’t be afraid to split up in the store. When stores get super crowded, I’ll hand one item to my mom and she’ll stand in line while I finish shopping. By the time I’m done, she’s at the front of the line and we’re ready to hit the next store! If you’re with friends, take turns shopping and standing in line in 10-minute intervals to make the most of your time.

What are your best tips for a successful Black Friday shopping trip? Let me know in the comments below!

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