2018 Style Trend Predictions

A new year brings new trends! Last year was full of millennial pink, off-the-shoulder tops and sleeve details. And while those styles are still having a moment in the fashion world, we’re also pretty excited to figure out what new trends will hit our favorite stores this year. So, five incredible fashion bloggers are giving you the inside scoop on all the style trends they can’t wait to rock in 2018!



“For 2018, one new color trend I foresee becoming so popular is a pastel lavender with hints of pink. I’m imagining this gorgeous cool shade of purple on cozy knits, midi dresses and oversized cardigans. This super fun and feminine color reminds me of fresh flowers blooming in spring!”

Christina, Collectively Chic Blog


“Next year is going to call for a lot of lavender! Along with millennial pink, I think these two colors are going to dominate in 2018.”

Cristina, Timeless Optimist


“For 2018 trends I’m really excited about all the sorbet-esq shades that will be popular in early 2018, and fringe! Something about fringe gives me Carrie Bradshaw vibes and she’s an icon!”

Maddy, A Pinch of Brunette


"2017 was all about the sleeves. You got your OTS, cold shoulder, balloon sleeves, and bell sleeves. I think that this trend is not going away anytime soon, but it's going to be updated and revamped for 2018! After attending Spring/Summer 2017 NYFW, I am expecting to see single shoulder cutouts, the flashdance shoulder (moving on to the 80s this year), and sleeve slits. To be quite literal, there's a whole bunch up our sleeves for 2018!"

Bryanna, Coming in Clutch


“Style trends are always changing, and 2017 was filled with bell sleeves and feminine pieces. For 2018, I expect to see some new style trends, and navy blue is becoming so popular lately! It was all about the sleeve details in 2017, so I’m anticipating a continuation of this trend in 2018, along with an addition of some pattern mixing.”

Emily, Pretty in Plaids

The Takeaway:

If your closet is full of neutrals and black dominates your wardrobe, then we have something in common… and we both have to get ready to bring some more color into our lives! 2018 is going to be full of vibrant saturated hues, pretty pastels, and mixed prints. Mix these with more neutral tones (like a bright pink top with white distressed denim, or a pastel blue top with a black skirt) to gradually incorporate them into your style!

And while we're at it, let's carry this bold new outlook into every aspect of our wardrobes! Add more versatility to your closet when it comes to things like sleeve details, fringe, patterns, metallics and anything else that catches your eye this year. Overall, it looks like 2018 is going to be full of bold statements in the world of fashion — so let's not miss out on it ourselves!

What trends are you excited to try out this year? Let us know in the comments below so we can try them out, too!