OTS Top + 24 Things I've Learned in 24 Years

Guess what!! It's my birthday! I'm so excited to share not only a stunning summertime outfit with you today, but also a fun birthday-inspired post. You'll want to live in this gorgeous off-the-shoulder top all summer long, and you're never gonna guess where it's from! 

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24 Things I've Learned in 24 Years

1. No, you don’t need to have it all figured out yet. It might seem like you need to have it totally together now that you've been out of college for two years, but it's okay not to. We have our whole lives to figure it out, so just enjoy the ride! 

2. And no, those books that teach you how to be an adult probably won’t help too much. It is fun to pretend, though! They may teach you a thing or two, but they may not motivate you enough to get off the couch and turn your Orange Is The New Black binge day into something more productive. That's something you gotta do yourself!

3. You should do something you love every day. Whether it’s reading, painting, running, writing, hiking, or anything else… whatever makes you happy, do it as much as you can. You'll feel better and happier in no time!

4. And it’s never too late to take up new hobbies. Always wanted to try a new sport or activity? Well, you’re young, now is the prime time to do it! Try as many new things as you can, figure out what you love, and stick to it. 

5. It’s important to start each day with a good mindset. What’s that quote about not carrying yesterday’s problems into today? Well, listen to it because it'll seriously make your days so much better. There is nothin' like starting your day off with a smile on your face. 

6. Music can change your mood. So make a good playlist full of songs that can instantly cheer you up for the crappy days. 

7. And seriously, do not underestimate the power of belting Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader while you're on a long drive with your windows down. You will never regret a good jam session while driving.

8. Now is the time to start using wrinkle cream. I got some questions from my friends when I started using it at 18 years old, but they’ve all caught on by now, too. If you haven't yet, start using it now and beat the wrinkles!

9. If you’ve just graduated, you already know how different post-grad life is. You get depressed when you randomly remember that you won’t be going back to school this fall. I've been out of college for two years, and I still get those feelings!

10. But you’ll still always have the important things from college. The memories and friendships don’t fade with the seasons, and even if you don't use your group chat every single day anymore, the conversation still comes naturally when you see each other.

11. Confidence can get you through any situation. And if you don’t have any at the moment, fake it. No one will know the difference and you'll look wise and knowledgeable, even if you don't feel it!

12. Spending your days on your phone is a waste. And I am not one to talk but, hey, I’m working on it. Live in the moment and don't just watch your life through a screen.

13. Now is a pretty good time to cut the crappy diet. I have a feeling it’ll get harder with each passing year, so let's start now! I'm going to be participating in the 7-Day #LiveRaw challenge, so if you want to join me, sign up here

14. Turning into a morning person might be a good idea, too. Wake up early for a few days and you’ll be amazed at not only how much you get done, but also how easy it is. I even wake up early on the weekends now, because my body is just used to it, and I absolutely love it!

15. Connections are everything. Learn how to network in your field of interest. If you're still in school, make some good connections before you graduate and stay in touch after you graduate college!

16. Learn as much as you can. Read books and articles or watch movies and documentaries about the things you’re passionate about. I have too many books about writing to even count and I've learned so much from them!

17. Spend time outside everyday. I’ve never met a single person who doesn’t like being outside. Summer is the perfect time to spend all day out there, even if you're just sitting outside reading a book or journaling! 

18. Making someone else’s day will make your day. Even if it’s just a simple “Good morning” to a passerby, doing something to cheer a person up will instantly make you happy, too.

19. Don’t let outside opinions stop you. If you’re doing what you love, then keep on doing it without fear of judgement! 

20. Cherish the people you love. Make time for them as often as you can, experience new things together, and spend time with family! 

21. Have ‘you’ time as much as possible. It’s important to unwind, whether that means reading a book, doing a face mask, or getting your nails done. Having time to yourself just doing things you enjoy will help keep you sane.

22. Don’t underestimate yourself. You seriously are capable of achieving anything you put your mind to. Once you start putting in effort, you’ll surprise yourself.

23. There is no reason to settle. Don’t settle for a job that makes you unhappy, an unfulfilling relationship, friendships that aren’t real or anything else that doesn't satisfy you. Go find the real deal; it’ll be worth it!

24. Each year goes by faster than the last. The older you get, the quicker time seems to fly by so make sure you live every moment the way you want to! 

Can you even believe that this gorgeous OTS top is only $15?! Such a steal! It's from Old Navy, comes in two different colors, and has adorable cutout details on the sleeves. It's such a flattering top and is perfect for summer heat.

Here, I paired it with a pair of jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch that I am totally in love with! The fit is perfect, the distressed hem is super on-trend and I love the light wash for summer. These jeans are perfect with a pair of wedges, so I've linked similar versions above for you! I finished this look off with my new pink Rebecca Minkoff bag (perfect for day or night and fits so much stuff in it!), and a fun gold stack of bangles. 

What's your favorite summer trend? Mine is definitely off-the-shoulder tops and dresses! So fun to style, and perfect for staying cool when it's hot out!