10 Ways to Start 2017 Off Right

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope that 2017 brings you everything you hope for and more; I know that I’ll be doing my best to make all of my goals a reality this year!

Every year, we promise ourselves that this will be the best one yet: we will save as much money as possible, we will do things that make us happy, we will shed those extra pounds we put on after the holidays. Here are ten ways to set yourself up for success, and start 2017 out on the right foot.

10 ways to start 2017 off right.png
  1. Think about what you did last year. An important part of succeeding is reflecting. You probably accomplished some amazing things in 2016, but there are probably also some goals you didn’t achieve, too. Reflect on what methods worked for you and what didn’t; what you enjoyed doing and what you wish you said ‘no’ to; what’s important to you and what you can let go of.
  2. Then, think about what you want to do this year. Based on last year, what are some things you’d like to accomplish? Don’t be afraid to dream big – that’s what a new year is all about! You have twelve entire months to accomplish these things, so set some goals and make ’em good!
  3. Write down your resolutions. Once you’ve figured out a few important things you’d like to accomplish in 2017, write them down! We’re more likely to stick to our goals if we write them down. This can be in a journal, in the notes on your phone, or even Derek-and-Meredith-style on a post-it. Whatever you do, just write down the goals that you hope to accomplish.
  4. Set smaller goals to help you stay on track. Now that you have your huge dreams all figured out for this year, break them down. What do you need to do each month to accomplish your goals? Want to save money? Figure out how much to put aside each month in order to hit your goal. Want to run a 5k? Figure out how much distance to add to your runs each month. Write down a few things you can do every month of this year in order to help hit those big goals.
  5. Keep a journal. So many celebrities swear by keeping a journal to help them reach their goals (I’m looking at you, Khloe Kardashian and Kate Hudson). Keeping track of our mental, physical and emotional health is an important part of any journey. Simply take a few minutes each day or week to write down what you’ve been going through (good or bad) and how you’ve been feeling. It’s always nice to look back and see how far you’ve come!
  6. Get organized. Organize your life in any way you find productive and helpful! Oddly enough, rearranging my closet always helps me feel motivated in every aspect of my life – if I know where my workout clothes are, I’m more likely to workout, duh! Find what needs organizing in your life (whether it’s your closet, your desk or your whole house!), and do it! This way, you’ll feel prepared to tackle your goals.
  7. Set reminders in your phone. Set reminders or events in the calendar of your phone for each month so you’re always reminded to reflect and analyze how you’re doing on your goals. It can be as simple as writing a reminder saying “Goals!” for the first day of each month, then taking a few minutes to see where you stand with the goals.
  8. Build in time for breaks. No matter how determined we are, we always need breaks. A little bit of time away from our goals can actually help us refocus and remember why they are so important to us. Occasionally build in time for this in your schedule, and you’ll be more likely to succeed!
  9. Plan ahead. For example, if there’s a holiday or a vacation coming up, put in a bit more time at the gym, put some extra money aside, or do anything else you can to prepare for the time away from your goals. This will help you stay on track in the long run!
  10. Be proud of yourself! No matter what goals you do or don’t accomplish this year, always remember to be grateful and proud of yourself!

What are your tips for having a successful and fun 2017? Share in the comments below so we can all accomplish our biggest, craziest goals together!