6 Tips to Help You Succeed At Spring Cleaning

If you know me at all, you know how crazy I can be about cleaning and organizing. I never know whether to pride myself on how organized I keep my room, closet and life in general, or be a little embarrassed because even I’ll admit I take it to the extreme sometimes! Either way, normal twenty-somethings who don’t enjoy cleaning and organizing as much as I do will definitely benefit from these six spring-cleaning and lifestyle tips.

6 tips for spring cleaning.png

1. Go through your closet. Start off by going through every single item in there! Take out all of those winter sweaters that you’ll take to the dry cleaner before packing away until the cold weather comes back. This will maximize space and allow you to organize your closet as best as possible. A lot of people like to color-coordinate, but I have my own method that really just doesn’t make sense to anyone else. Figure out what works for you so you can easily create a flawless outfit as effortlessly as possible from your freshly organized closet!

2. Do some dusting and vacuuming. It seems like such a daunting task, but I promise you that you won’t like what you find if you start moving storage bins and furniture around in your room. Vacuum behind all of your furniture that’s easily movable and dust every surface you can find. Eliminate those hidden dust bunnies before your spring allergies start kicking in!

3. Let some fresh air in. Is it weird that my favorite thing to do while cleaning is opening up all of my windows and blasting some country music? Open up your windows while cleaning to let in some beautiful spring weather; you’ll immediately feel better and more clear-headed if you let in some fresh air and you’ll definitely feel ready to tackle all of the spring cleaning!

4. Reorganize your drawers and storage. If you’re anything like me, you may have tons of crap in your desk drawers and storage bins that you have absolutely no need for. Take the time to go through all of those small but precious spaces and get rid of the stuff that’s unnecessary. You’ll be happy you have a neat desk and know exactly where to find whatever you may need!

5. Organize your planner. It’s amazing how fun and pretty planners are these days! Whether you’re into a super clean and simple one, or a fun one full of stickers, take some time to organize your planner. Figure out what you have coming up and future plans or events so you won’t forget about them as the time comes.

6. Clear your head. Whether that means going for a run, reading a book, listening to music, getting your nails done, or whatever else you enjoy doing, clearing your mind and preparing for the new season by doing what you love can never hurt! After all of your cleaning and organizing, you deserve some down time to relax and do whatever it is that you love!

I’m sure most of you aren’t as excited by the thought of cleaning and organizing as I am, but I promise that some spring-cleaning will do your mind some good! What are your best spring-cleaning tips? Share them in the comments below!