8 Work Bag Essentials

We spend so much time in the office, but how much time and effort do you put into your work bag? There's seriously nothin worse than getting into the office and realizing that you left something (even as small as your tube of chapstick!) at home. That's why I'm always sure to have these eight essential items in my bag that help me get through the day without any stress! 

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8 Work Bag Essentials:


Whether you're filling it with deadlines or coworker dates (or hopefully both!) I always have my planner on hand. And since I'm the kinda girl who likes writing things down, I like keeping a notebook with me, too! My notebook is full of good ideas that I didn't want to forget, random inspirational thoughts, and motivating quotes.

Phone charger

Anyone else ever wake up and realize they never plugged their phone in the night before? Sometimes I don't even realize that my phone is only at 20% until I've already left my house! That's why I always keep a charger in my bag in case myself or a coworker needs it while we're at the office.  

Comfortable Shoes

Those days when you wanna rock your brand new booties or heels to the office (power to ya, girlfriend!) just remember to bring a pair of comfy shoes, too! You never know if those booties are gonna pinch your toes or give you blisters, so a pair of flip flops or sneakers might be a dream come true by the end of the day. 

Quick Beauty Fixes

Oil blotting wipes, a concealer stick and Benefit's Gimme Brow gel are my three beauty products that I always have on me! My whole makeup bag is too heavy (and unnecessary!) to lug around in my bag, so I make sure to just keep my bare-minimum essentials that I might need throughout the day. Figure out what yours are, too, and buy extras to keep in your bag! 


Now that fall and winter are coming, this is one product you definitely gotta have at all times! I like to apply some hand lotion when I leave for work in the morning and then again when I get into the office... can you tell that I hate having dry skin? 😂 Bath & Body Work's mini hand lotions are my favorite and they come in so many great scents! 

Lip balm/lipstick

The only thing worse than dry hands is chapped lips! For real, chapped lips are awful but having chapped lips and no lip balm is my worst nightmare. Stock up on all different lip balms and be sure to keep one in your work bag at all times! And on those days that you rock lipstick in the office, toss it into your bag after applying so you can touch up throughout the day! 

Hair tie and bobby pins

I can't be the only one who's had those days when my hair looks great when I leave the house, and then by noon it's all. over. the. place! On those days, all I want to do is throw my hair up in a bun or pin it back to keep it out of my face, so I always make sure to have those hair products on hand for when I need them. 


As someone who's always been anemic, dizziness and faintness are things I'm all too familiar with! Even if you don't have to worry about low blood sugar, anemia or anything else along those lines, it's important to always have snacks at work just in case your lunch just doesn't cut it one day! 

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What are some items you always carry in your work bag?! Let me know in the comments below!