5 Things You'll Learn About Relationships After College

Taking your relationship from college to post-grad is so great, but you might learn some things about yourself, your man and relationships in general along the way.


Two years ago, I shared a post titled ‘9 Things College Will Teach You About Relationships.’ I had been with my boyfriend for a little over a year and we were having the time of our lives together in college. I learned that a lot of people will question why you’d even consider being tied down to a relationship during the best four years of your life; but I, along with all the others who found their ‘person’ in college, knew that I was the lucky one. Now, almost two years after graduating, my boyfriend and I are celebrating three years together, and I have a little bit more insight on what it’s like being part of a duo.

1. Time together won’t happen as naturally as it did in college. In college, you were always on campus together; you could hang out at the Student Center before going to your classes, meet up at the local bar, and hang out in your dorm together every single day without putting in too much effort. Chances are you and your significant other have hometowns that are a bit father away than the dorm room down the hall. You have to put in the effort and make as much time for each other as you need!

2. But the love you have for each other should still come naturally. Even though seeing each other may not be as easy as it was in college, loving each other should still be simple! Seeing each other a bit less than you’re used to gives you all the more reason to enjoy and cherish your time together even more.

3. You’ll figure things out together. You might find yourself starting to consider new post-grad opportunities with that person in mind, and you’ll always turn to them for advice. Whether you’re on the hunt for a job, trying to come up with a financial saving plan, stick to a healthy routine or anything else that post-grad life brings, you’ll count on your person to help you figure it out.

4. You’ll learn how to enjoy down time together. My boyfriend and I do love having our nights in watching Shameless (possibly too often). When you enter the working world, you’ll start to enjoy those nights in together even more, since you’re both exhausted from working so hard all week!

5. But you’ll also learn how to have fun together. You no longer have your local college bar or Greek life events to entertain you and make nights out together simple. You and your significant other will figure out the things that you love doing as a couple, and you’ll enjoy trying all sorts of new, exciting adventures together!

What has life as a post-grad taught you about relationships?! Let me know in the comments below!