5 Tips to Make Cleaning Easier

If there's one thing that I'm excellent at, it's cleaning. No, for real... I learned from the best (AKA my mom!) and I take my cleaning days very seriously! However, I know that the majority of the population doesn't find cleaning their bedroom or house as enjoyable as I do... they probably even dread it. So today, I'm sharing five tips to make cleaning easier for you! Watch out, you might even start enjoying those cleaning days as much as I do 😉


5 Tips to Make Cleaning Easier

1. Follow a schedule

If you get into a routine of doing laundry the same day each week, washing your sheets every two weeks, cleaning your make up brushes twice a month and doing some light dusting each week, you'll start to dread those tasks a little less. After all, a pile of laundry that's overflowing out of your hamper is way more daunting than just a small load or two! 

2. Put things away ASAP

Is there anything worse than waking up late in the morning and running around like a nut trying to find your car keys or jacket right before heading out for work? I don't think so! To prevent that, I try to put things away right when I'm done with them. This also helps to make your cleaning days way easier because you don't have to spend time tidying up the small stuff beforehand. 

3. Make your bed first thing in the morning

Not only will this set you up for a productive day because you accomplished something right off the bat, but it'll also just give your room a general look and feel of cleanliness (even if the hamper is overflowing)! And there's nothin' better than coming home to a made bed after a long day at work.

4. Keep your closet organized

Keeping your closet in order will make your mornings SO MUCH easier! I like to utilize bins to store those clothes that are currently out of season under my bed, and small baskets for my clothes that can be folded without wrinkling like jeans, pants, and thick sweaters. You can also make your mornings easier by planning your work outfits in advance and putting those outfits at the front of your closet!

5. Make it fun!

You can always tell when it's a cleaning day in my household because the music is BLASTING! So put on your favorite playlist and warm up those vocals to belt the lyrics while you spend some time tidying up. You could also put on a fun show like Gilmore Girls or Friends if you'd rather have a Netflix and clean day! 

Do you enjoy cleaning or despise it?! What do you do to make your cleaning days easier?