9 Ways to Feel Inspired This Spring

Spring is here and I am already feeling motivated, inspired and SO happy! I function so much better when the weather is warmer and the days are longer, so I’m looking forward to making the most of this season. Spring is a time of renewal and growth, so what better way to take advantage than by inspiring yourself! Whether you want to be more creative, lead a healthier lifestyle or find your passions in life, these nine tips will help you feel inspired all around.


    1. Reassess your 2017 goals. We all go into a new year with the best intentions but it might be hard to stick to the goals we set; this is especially true if the colder months just bring you down and don’t inspire you! Lucky for us, spring is the perfect time to reflect on the goals we wrote down a few months ago, see where we stand, and set some new ones for ourselves. It doesn’t matter whether you hit your original goals or haven’t even thought about them since January 1st, just think about what’s important to you now and everything you can accomplish the rest of the year!
    2. Create something. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy painting on a canvas, decorating mason jars, creating a collage of your favorite photos or anything else under the sun! I always find crafting something beautiful for my room or for a friend so inspiring. Not only do you get some alone time to think or listen to your favorite songs, but you also get to expand your creativity.
    3. Start a journal. Everyone needs an outlet in life and starting a journal is definitely a good one to try! Not only is it a place that you can write down all of your random thoughts, lists or goals, but it’s also a place full of memories to look back on. Writing is relaxing and you may even find that it helps you set some new goals for yourself!
    4. Exercise. Nothing is a better motivator than working out! A good workout will always help you feel more motivated in every aspect of your life, so try out a new spin class, a yoga video or any workout that makes you happy — even if it’s just a quick walk with your coworkers in the middle of the work day!
    5. Have a relaxing day. Sometimes we get so busy running around and living our lives that we forget to have down time. I’m a huge advocate for those days when you just stay in your pajamas, put on a face mask and watch some Netflix. You might not realize how much you need it, but those days are definitely necessary for our sanity!
    6. Read a great book. There are so many inspiring books out these days that you’re guaranteed to find one you love. Pick up a new book about something you’ve always wanted to learn, one based on your desired career path or just a fun read that you’ve been looking forward to. It’s the best when you find a book that you just can’t put down and hopefully it’ll leave you feeling ambitious at the end!
    7. Try something new. If you can think of something you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do but just never had a chance, now is the time to do it! And if you really can’t think of anything, text a friend or your significant other and come up with something awesome together. Experiencing something new is always inspiring and you’ll make some great memories doing whatever you try out.
    8. Listen to a podcast. I was amazed at how many awesome podcasts are out there. There’s literally something for everyone, but one I’ve been loving recently is called Elise Gets Crafty. If you’re a blogger or business owner, this is one you have to hear!
    9. Go outside! Take advantage of the weather finally getting warmer by going for a walk or taking that new book you just bought outside. I can’t be the only one who just loves being in the sun!

    What are some things you do to feel more inspired? Share in the comments below!