The 6 Friends Every Girl Needs Post-Graduation

Fun fact for those who are new to my journey: before there was Kaptivating Thoughts, there was College Thrive. My most popular post of all time on my former site was titled The 6 Friends to Keep Forever, and included 'the one who will tell it like it is,' 'the one who will make you laugh,' and 'the one who always has your back.' Though I decided not to transfer this post over to my new site, I'm so excited to share the new and improved version THREE years later... The six friends every girl needs after graduating! You may find yourself either making your circle smaller or bigger post-grad but I've realized after being out of college for two years that there are six types of friends that every college grad needs!


1. The ones from college. You shared your best memories together and you know that even if they're an hour away or a few states away, you'll still share the same bond as always. Your college friends are the ones who you can see after months of time apart and not even skip a beat! You'll always have a connection with each other and you'll have too much fun reminiscing on that one time you brought all of your mattresses into your living room just to cuddle, drink wine and watch Frozen together for a week. 

2. The ones who share similar hobbies. Whether you love going to the gym, blogging (duh! 😉) or anything else, it's always so awesome to find friends who have those similar interests as you! Join a gym or club or anything that comes to mind that you think you'll love, and you're guaranteed to find awesome new friends that you automatically have something in common with.

3. The mentor. Having someone that you look up to and are inspired by is so important! This person will give you all of the post-grad and career advice you could possibly need, and may even help you out with your job search if you're lucky. Ask them all of the questions you can possibly think of; they'll be happy to help! 

4. The co-worker. Once you land your first job, it's so great getting to know the people you work with. It's even better when you have a co-worker that you really click with and are able to become friends with even outside of work! You spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week with your co-workers, so becoming good friends with them is a great feeling. 

5. The sibling. We hear stories all the time about having a better bond with your siblings as you get older and I definitely think it's true! It doesn't matter if it's an actual sibling or a cousin or friend that you've always thought of as a sibling; having that person that you know you can always count on to support you even if you majorly mess up is the absolute best!

6. The significant other. This is one that half of you may agree with and the other half will think to yourself "I'm an independent woman who needs no man"... either way is so awesome! But I'm just too happy to have my man in my life to not include him! He's the one who has seen all of the good and bad, both during and after college, and always knows how to make my day. 

What types of friend are you so happy to have after graduating college? Let me know in the comments below and share this post with your friends!